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The Amsterdam Case Competition is organized by Sefa. Sefa is the study association of the Faculty of Economics and Business (EB) at the University of Amsterdam.

Study Association Sefa

Sefa is the study association of Economics and Business (EB) at the University of Amsterdam. Throughout the year, Sefa accommodates activities for students of all years and disciplines. Each year, over 350 active members organize over 125 Sefa events divided amongst four pillars.

University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam is the Netherlands' largest university, offering the widest range of academic programmes. At the UvA, 30,000 students, 6,000 staff members and 3,000 PhD candidates study and work in a diverse range of fields, connected by a culture of curiosity. The UvA is a top-100 university globally and one of Europe's 15 best universities. The UvA dates back to 1632 when our predecessor the Atheneum Illustre was founded to educate the citizens of Amsterdam.

UvA Economics and Business (EB)

Education and research at UvA Economics and Business (EB) covers a wide range of fields that includes economics, data science, business administration, business analytics, accountancy, control, econometrics, finance and entrepreneurship. This is organised in 2 Schools: the Amsterdam Business School (ABS) and the Amsterdam School of Economics (ASE). Over 7,000 students are enrolled in our UvA Economics and Business programmes and around 500 employees provide education and support.


The Amsterdam Case Competition

The Amsterdam Case Competition (ACC) is a unique opportunity for twelve teams from top business schools worldwide to compete with each other by presenting their solutions for real-life business cases. Along with boosting their professional skills, participants receive an incredible opportunity to discover Amsterdam, the multinational centre of the Netherlands, and familiarize themselves with the rich Dutch culture.

The first edition of the Amsterdam Case Competition will be held from April 3rd 2024 to April 10th 2024.

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The Sefa Case Club

Looking for an opportunity to connect with the Dutch corporate scene? To test your academic skills on real business cases? All while growing both personally and professionally with fellow inspiring students from all over the world? Join the Sefa Case Club!

The Sefa Case Club is a community at the faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam that practices case solving. We apply academic theory and practical training to teach students to solve real-life business cases. Business cases are documents written by company professionals that detail a problem that a certain public organization or private company is encountering. The topics covered range from finance to corporate social responsibility (CSR), and from marketing to digital innovation. Cases are typically solved in teams of 4 students, in a timeframe ranging from 3 to 28 hours, and are presented to and judged by a panel of academic staff, consultants, and industry professionals. To train our members and prepare them for international case competitions, we host training, workshops, and case days throughout the year.

The Sefa Case Club combines preparing ambitious students for international case competitions, as well as organizing the Amsterdam Case Competition.

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